Level of Trust

I woke up in the middle of the night at around 1am one saturday morning after turning and trying hard to catch some sleep but to no avail. To end this fruitless effort, I decided to get my hands busy on a website I had been working on. As I sat up on the bed and started working, the Holy Spirit dropped a message in my heart which I am about to shar with you.
He reminded me that God never sleeps nor slumbers (Psalm 121:3-4) and that even though I was working on Bro G’s website at that time of the night, there was no way Bro G could know I was doing His work if I didn’t tell him. Get it?! I’ll explain.
Just as I woke up to work on the website (despite other pressing needs), the same way God – who never sleeps, is working day and night on our behalf (despite the number of people on the surface of the earth). But we still fret, worry, get scared because we can’t physically see Him working things out for us instantly with a ‘magic wand’.
The only thing I expect Bro G to do at the other end is to trust me that I will do what I said was going to do. So also, our level of trust in the Almighty God (who is the Potter, Creator, Unchangeable changer and Omnipotent) determines our level of calmness in the midst of crisis. If we can hold Him by His words that ‘He will do what He says He will do’, then there’s nothing to worry about. Matthew 6:25-34

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