What I used to be! Part 2

As I was saying, this man who was insane in Mark 5:1-10 was a scary-looking man who had been tormented by legion of demons. He lived where the dead lived, had the strength of many men put together, tortured himself with stones and roared louder than a lion. Luke 8:27 says the man had been in that condition for long and he had no clothes on. Can you ever think of moving close to that kind of man? He was a weird mad man who could never be tamed by anyone. Medical attention was impossible in his case because he’ll simply dislocate the bones of his doctors and nurses if they ever dared to come near. His situation was a no-go area. Even his family members would have had to relocate to avoid the shame of being associated with this incredible hulk!

I am sure that no one in his or her right senses will ever hurt himself or herself to that extent. Demons took control of his spirit, soul and body. He mutilated his body beyond recognition. Are you being controlled by an unseen force to do what you would not normally want to do? This man had been disgraced, deformed, destroyed and demoralised by the devil and his agents. You might be facing a situation that makes you think you are finished! Your integrity, reputation and prestige have been shattered; the problem you once encountered tarnished your image. You’ve been tagged ‘the devil’s incarnate’ and the mess you got yourself into seems impossible to come out of. So, the best solution you can think of is to remain in that unacceptable state.

Two wrongs can never make a right. Staying in that problem or continuing in that ugly situation can never help you. Remember Judas and Peter faced the same problem of unfaithfulness. Judas betrayed while Peter denied. The difference between both of them was that Judas fell flat and committed suicide but Peter fell and rose up to be a committed Evangelist. That one step of repentance was what made Peter a hero and Judas a zero. What step have you decided to make despite the past mistakes?

A righteous man falls seven times and rises (Proverbs 24:16). This is not an opportunity for believers to keep falling into sin at the slightest blow of wind. We are expected to keep striving to overcome the lust of the flesh towards sin. The one and only one who could move close to the fierce-looking man was the Almighty who created this man in His own image. Peter was disappointed with himself but he was courageous to take the bull by the horn and forge ahead. You might have also disappointed yourself, your parents, siblings, boss, husband, wife or children. It’s not the end of life. Ask God for His mercies through Jesus Christ, confess your inadequacies and ask Him to take full control of your life. He has done it before for others and He can do it again in your life. Peace!

Prayer 1: Lord, I am nothing without you. I have fallen into the sin of ………….I have realized that I can’t help myself. I need you to help my helplessness. I release my total being to you now. Please work upon me. Make me what you want me to be and let every mind set of sin be flushed away by the blood of Jesus that was shed for me on the cross of Calvary.