What I used to be! Part 1

As a family, we were watching a programme on the screen about a new believer who met his old friends at his new place of work (on the farm). These old friends kept luring him back into his old ways but the new man refused to take heed. The old friends wanted the new man to just join them in socialising and they met the new man’s boss to ask for permission for a while. These friends described who the new man used to be to his boss (who only knew the new man as a Christian and nothing less). The boss was greatly disappointed and asked the man to leave his farm because he ‘thought he was a Christian’. This new believer was greatly sorrowful and was encouraged by an older believer using the story of the mad man in the bible Mark 5:1-10. The older believer later intervened in the issue and there was a resolution. Praise God.

I tried to analyse the whole scenario and figured out that we all tend to forget that NOBODY WAS BORN A CHRISTIAN. You might have been born into a Christian family and even given a Christian name but it doesn’t make you a Christian. Just like ‘going into the river to swim does not make you a fish’, so also going to church does not make you a Christian. Get it ??!! Making a deliberate confession of sin and allowing Jesus as Lord and saviour is what makes anyone a Christian. Is anyone accusing you based on what you used to be before now? Keep calm and remember you are a new creature in Christ. Simply respond to any false allegation with a yes or no, a gentle spirit and not putting up an angry act. You might not be perfect or where you want to be in your relationship with God, but remember you are definitely not where you used to be.

Prayer 1: Father, make me a living testimony for you wherever I go in Jesus’ name.


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